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Webnix understands that product catalogue is the most useful for your customers to search/view your products information on the internet. Most of customers don't know how to startup if you don't know any programming knowledge. Therefore, Webnix has studied many industries and build up a catalogue system for differernt industrial and commerical requirement. If your catalogue requires more additional features, our catalogue system can be customized to meet customer's needs.
Catalogue Features:
  User Friendly Interface -
Attractive Web Interface for your product catalogue
  Product Directory Listing - Organized Directory for products listing in your web site  
  Product Search -
Customized Product Search function built-in your web site
  Membership System -
(Optional) Membership system built in your web site to provide login features for customers
  Theme Support -
Theme Support on your web site
  Random Banner -
Random Banner built on your web site
  Scolling News -
Customized Scolling News for your web site
  Web Administration -
Online Web Interface to admin your catalogue
    - Product Information :
Products details, Photos, Attachment upload, Specification
    - Web Interface :
Banner, Scolling News, Menu Bar, Product Directory, Web Interface Template Support
    - Membership :
Member Accounts, Addon Features for members
  "Add to Cart" Features -
Support "Add to Cart" features for customers to order products online
  Statistics Report -
Web Site and Product Statistics Report for administrator
  Form to Email Enquiry -
Form to Email Enquiry/Order Form
For the enquiry of details, please contact our sales at 27208429 or contact us online
Please send comments and questions to


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