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Webnix Technology Limited is founded and registered in Hong Kong in March, 1999. We hope that our clients can gain the competitive edge in the global market. A wide variety of services are provided to cater our clients' need in the volatile transforming 21st century. With experience of sytem integration and strong IT troubleshooting skill, Webnix offers a full range of IT solutions that specially care for your business needs. Whether your business is small, medium or large, Webnix can provide with your business with a one-stop solution that would perfectly suit to your needs.

Opportunities arise from IT innovations and internet development. Webnix Technology Limited hopes to provide complete solutions that enable either individuals or companies, to maximize the return on their investment and enjoy substantial development in their businesses.
Webnix is formed by a group of graduated studens from HKUST School of Engineering. With our technical background and knowledgeable professionals, Our people have diverse skill sets in latest information technology, business process re-engineering and project management, bring our clients a full range of high quality IT solution and secure.
With our professional knowledge and provision of high quality IT solutions and services, the number of our clients is growing rapidly. We take great pride in our services and reputation for quality and reliability that we have achieved from always exceeding our clients expectation. We always place clients in first priority. We listen carefully, advice accurately and respond quickly in order to delivery the best quality services and solutions.
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