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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) was designed for all webnix customers, whether you are a web entrepreneur or a global corporation ready to take the next step in the world of E-Commerce. This page summarized our customers questions about the services and divided into following groups:
  General Information  
  - Quickly know more about Webnix.
  Hosting & Email  
  - Information for setup a Web / WAP hosting account and billing questions
  - Domain name registration guideline and related information
  - Email account questions
  - Information for how to co-locate your web server
  - Quick guide to setup your own company / private server for your web site
  - Information for our web/data server maintenance services
  - Information on establishing your company / private web site
  - Tools, tips, and resources for using third-party web application software with Webnix
  - Information and tips how to connect Internet and your hosted web site at webnix
  - How to setup a secure and protected transaction for your online web site?
  - Information and tips for office computerization solution
  - Questions and comments for downloading linux ISO image
  - Any errors, unknown problems why to get the wrong result or performance you expect
  - Explanation of terms
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