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Getting Started
1. What services does webnix provide?
2. How long does webnix establish?
3. Billing Period
4. Sales/Account Manager
5. Getting Help

1. What services does webnix providing?

With experience of internetworking and software development, Webnix offers a full range of IT solutions that specially care for your business needs. Whether your business is small, medium or large, Webnix can provide with your business with a one-stop solution that would perfectly suit to your needs.

Our services include:
  • IT Consulting,
  • Web and Email Hosting,
  • IT Outsource,
  • Server Colocation and Maintenance,
  • Computer Hardware/Software Order,
  • Domain Regiration
We focus on understanding your needs and workflow to provide a customized one-stop solution

2. How long does webnix establish?

Webnix Technology Limited was founded in March 1999. At the beginning, webnix is one of leading IT consulting company in Hong Kong. After at the early of 2000, Webnix understands how frustrating and time consuming for our clients to deal with different vendors and service providers when engaging in IT projects. Thus, Webnix commits to provide a " One-stop Solution" to ease such concerns of yours.

3. Billing Cycle

Web and Email Hosting services: Minimum One Year
Maintenance services: Monthly/3 Months/Yearly
(Minimum one year contract is needed)

4. Sales/Account Manager

For enquiry of our services, you can contact our sales/account manager for details. You can send email to, or call by phone - Sales Hotline: (852)2720-8429 , Technical Support Hotline: (852) 2425-1826 during office hours

5. Getting Help

Webnix has the following channel available to help resolve any issues you may have.

Please send comments and questions to

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