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Webnix understand that establishing a presence on the internet can be very expensive, such as dedicated connection to the Internet, hardware, software, facilities, and, technicans, it can be tens of thousands of dollars. We faced most of our customers difficulty for server supports. With this in mind webnix provide colocation services at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own network. We offer several options from colocation on our network, Whatever the need you are sure to find that we have the answer.

Benefits for joining our customized server colocation services:
  1. No hidden or additional cost for setup
  2. 24/7 hours server monitoring
  3. Lower pricing of administrative cost
  4. Simple Application Procedure
  5. Customerization for your server location at different data center
    e.g. Bandwidth usage / Pricing / Server(s) Size / Migration / Post-sales Services / Security
  6. Hotline Enquiry for our customer
  7. On-site visiting at data center
Data Center Facilities includes:
- IP Address Allocation
- High Speed Redundant backbone
- Primary and/or Secondary Domain Name Service
- Dedicated Switched Ethernet (10/100Mbps) Port
- Climate Controlled Server Room
- Uninterruptible Power Supply (Surge Protected AC Power with UPS backup)
- Air conditioned controlled environment
- FM 200 Fire Suppression System and Pre-Action Sprinkler System
- Dedicated Diesel Generator
- 24/7 Traffic Graphs and Utilization Reports
- 24/7 Network Monitoring
- 24/7 Server Monitoring
- 24/7 Brinks Security
- Water leakage alarm
- Image capture recording for CCTV system
Colocation Server Size:
- Standard Desktop PC Size
- 2U, 4U, 8U
- Half Rack (600mm x850mm x 900mm)
- Full Rack (600mm x850mm x 2012mm)
For the enquiry of colocation price and facilities, please contact our sales manager at (852) 27208429 or email to
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