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To provide a internet solution for our hosting and PC maintenance customers, Webnix joins with PCCW and Pacific Supernet to provide dialup and internet connection services. If you are facing the questions in choosing which intennet connection provider, webnix can help you.
Target Customers: business broadband and leased line services
Webnix offers the following services:
56K Dialup
A simply way to access internet

Transmission rate: Low
User Requirement: Dial Up Modem, PC
Always-On/ Multi-Access
Ultra high transmission speed for all kinds of data, fast stable internet access.
Cost control and effective

Transmission rate: High
With Fixed IP Addressfor always-on broadband and Multi-Access internet
User Requirement: 10/100/1000M Network Adapter, Switch, Dialup Modem, Router
Virtual Network (VPN)
Virtual LAN VPN, a state-of-art networking for corporate and cross border trades provides reliable private data traveling across the public internet.

Transmission rate: High
Cost Effectiveness, Guaranteed bandwidth, High Security
With Fixed IP Address for always-on broadband internet
User Requirement: 10/100/1000M Network Adapter
Broadband Provider Partners:
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