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If you' re tired of running your business by hand, bored by massive data processing and tremendously repeated routine task, computerization is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to solve all these problems. In order to survive in this evermore competitive environment, computerization becomes necessity. Although it is possible to do all the paperwork and analysis manually, this no longer makes sense in these hi-tech days.
After computerization of your office, significant benefits will be obtain:
  • Ability to quickly access information for prompt decision
  • Enhancing control
  • Enhancing communication between departments
  • Improving company overall productivity
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Saving resources
Our consultants and support staff are well qualified and efficiently responsive to new development technology, we are dedicated to support you on establishing a well control environment through computerization.
OCS Package Includes:
A. Hardware & Software Order
As intranet becomes the requisite equipment inside modern office, Webnix offers one-stop computer hardware and software ordering to eliminate the trouble of dealing with different hardware and software vendors but within your budget.
B. Office Networking
Most customers faced the problems in setting up local network in your office. Webnix can offer you a complete one-stop office networking services including network cabling and installation.
C. Office PC Maintenance
Webnix understand most customer needs for the long-term after-sales support after you purchased the computers in your office. Webnix provides a professional IT consultants and technicans for troubleshooting of your office PC.
(1) Long term support for your office computer equipment and software
(2) Lower the cost without employing a technican in your office
(3) Hotline support for enquiry, troubleshooting or add-on services request
D. Intranet & Internal System
Webnix developed a series of application software for companies and small size office:
Company Web Mail System
Fax-to-email / Email-to-fax Services
Company Internal Dialup Server
Intranet System
E. Customers
The following are lists of companies joining our office computerization solution:
Company Name
Art de Vivre Limited Office PC Maintenance
Startlong Development Ltd. Office PC Networking, Maintenance and Application System
Allan International Holdings Limited Dialup Server, Company WebMail System, Linux Server Setup, Office Networking, Office PC Maintenance
BAS (HK) Ltd. Intranet & Internal System, Linux Server Setup
Central Waterfront Property Project management Co. Ltd Office PC Maintenance, Win2000 Server Setup
CL3 Architects Limited Office PC Maintenance
Dream International Limited Office PC Maintenance
Data Storage Ltd. Catalogue System
East Dragon Zipper (China) Co. Ltd. Office PC Maintenance
gowithyou technology ltd. Linux Server Setup, Company Mail Server Setup
Goodly Manufactory Company Intranet & Internal System, Office Networking
Hip Hing & Cale & Plug mfg. Ltd. Hardware and Software Order, Office PC Maintenance
Hong Kong Securities Insitute Intranet & Internal System
Hopewell Holdings Limited Application Software
Lovable Products (Hong Kong) Ltd. Intranet & Internal System
Nakagawa Electronics Limited Intranet & Internal System
Power Ind (HK) Corp. Ltd. Application Software
Rich Tech Network Limited Server Colocation and Maintenance
Smartwise Motors Hardware and Software Order, Intranet & Internal System, Office PC Maintenance
Smart-Domain Limited Fax-to-Email/Email to Fax Server, Hardware and Software Order, Office PC Maintenance
Sung Kee Hong, Ltd. Hardware and Software Order, Office Networking
Time Fashion Electronics Co., Ltd. Intranet & Internal System
Voith Turbo Limited Office PC Maintenance
Wealthy Corporation Limited Office PC Maintenance Office PC Maintenance and Server Support
Yiing Feng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Hardware and Software Order
For the enquiry of details information, please contact our sales manager at (852) 27208429 or email to
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