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Instead of sharing a web server with many other domains, a dedicated server is optimal for high traffic, resource-intensive websites. Webnix can provide complete server support and maintenance and offers system administration services for your dedicated server. If your web site has a very high hit rates, dedicated server is a great solution for your needs. Webnix offers a variety of plans to suit your individual needs.
Dedicated/Virtual Server Solutions

In case of customers without web/data server, Webnix can customize and setup the reliable and suitable hardware/virtual server(s) for your need.

Services including:
Dedicated Server:
  1. Dedicated Server: Installation and configuration of the server
  2. Platform Support: Linux / MS Windows 2012/2016
  3. Models of server: IBM/Lenovo Server, Dell Server, and HP Server, etc

Cloud Server:
  1. Virtual/Cloud Server: Microsoft Azure
  2. To assist our clients to deploy cloud services under Microsoft Azure
  3. Migrate existing servers to Microsoft Azure
  4. Maintain and monitor the cloud server
Server Maintenance
Managing your own server can be expensive, time consuming and labour intensive. With Webnix, you can enjoy the most cost-effective , professional and convenient solution for managing and monitoring your web server.

Benefits for joining our web server maintenance:
  1. No hidden or additional cost for setup
  2. 24/7 hours server monitoring
  3. Lower the administrative and maintenance cost for your company server
  4. Hotline Enquiry for any technical questions of the server
For the enquiry of maintenance and server cofiguration, please contact our sales manager at (852) 27208429 or email to
Please send comments and questions to


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