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The soul of a web site is represented by its outlook, design and functionality. Webnix understands that a well-designed homepage helps to create corporate image and awareness which leads to improvement in sales. We are highly experienced in website architecture and design. With the aid of latest web technologies, our professional designers, programmers and consultants will work with you to define a professional Internet branding.
Webnix now provides you with a comprehensive range of web application which enable your business in staying competitive internet worlds. Now, we collect a part of our developed web sites that is to provide a clear and completely understanding of our services and works. To showcase our skills, we've set up a gallery of demonstration Web sites. Our gallery of Web sites includes:
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International Horse Show
The event web site of The Hong Kong Equestrian Federation - International Horse Competition
The Hong Kong Equestrian Federation
This web site is designed for their member and committee to post news, horse results and have self-admin functions to update the web site.
Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College School Library
This web site is designed for one of secondary school library web site. It provides some of information for students in studying and learning how to search information from library web site.
Powertech (China) Ltd is a leading supplier with application know-how of high quality hydraulics for the marine and shipbuilding industry.
EML Asia Limited
This web site is the homepage of EML Asia Limited which is a manufacturing company to provide many products such as air conditioners, heater, dishwashers.
L.K Express
This web site is the homepage of L.K Express to provide goods delivery services. This web site provides online checking system for their clients.
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