IT Asset Management

Automatice discover your IT asset and quick alert with your computer status

What is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset management is the process of automatically discovering, tracking, and centrally managing hardware and software IT assets. It helps you keep your IT inventory up to date and allows you to track assets throughout their life cycle.

Webnix can provide you software and hardware audit report after our investigation. It can save your manpower and time to check all the computer related equipment in your office. 


An IT audit is used to evaluate an entity’s information systems and the safeguards it has in place in order to protect these systems. The purpose of an IT audit is to determine whether or not the controls that are used to secure the information assets are working effectively.

Check if inappropriate software has been installed or if you are covered by your current licenses. Ensure software compliance giving you peace of mind in what you have and what you use. And also, it can help you to ensure valid warranties are in place.

Alignment of IT and business goals especially you are growing and expanding. On the other hand, it reduces IT costs by allowing you to plan your IT spend.

Asset Management & Monitoring

With  asset management, we can easily monitor your system and find out the asset that need to replace. 

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