Network & Cabling

Webnix offers a suite of cabling services and networking equipments to our customer including data, voice, security and multimedia networks. Our engineer will take a onsite visit and understand your office environment to design cabling.

Services Coverage

Webnix provides cabling service to support high-speed data and voice communication networks, including both copper and fiber optical cabling. 


Our engineers provide a site survey and study your office floor plan for networking design. Webnix specializes in the installation of structured cabling for data and voice.


Fiber optics transmit data in the form of light particles that provide a far superior transmission of data,  and better performance.


Wi-Fi, networking technology that use radio waves to allow high speed transfer over short distances. Using Wi-Fi can allows local networks to operate without cables and wiring, making it to a popular choice for home and business networks. Webnix specializes in WIFI system setup with encryption protection.


IP camera network setup can be confusing and technically demanding. Webnix understand that and provide one stop solution including IP camera ordering, setup and recording media for our customer. 

Network Planning

Webnix commit to provide a customized network management solutions for your need.


Our project manager and engineer will arrange a onsite visiting and provide a planning including designing cabling, location suggestion for computers, server room, WIFI Access Point,  telephone system and printers, etc. 


Our project manager keeps update with cabling status, and guarantee your project is implemented within your schedule.

Final Testing

After cabling, our engineer will have a onsite cable and sockets testing to ensure all cabling with best performance.

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