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Email Setup User Guide

Please contact our hotline at +852 27208429 or submit online enquiry for assistance. If you are our IT outsourcing customer, you can contact our technician directly.

Email Account SetupEnglishTraditional Chinese
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Outlook 2016/2013DownloadDownload
Outlook 2003-2010DownloadDownload
Windows 10 MailDownloadDownload
iPhone IOS 11-12DownloadDownload
iPhone IOS 5-7DownloadDownload
Android Mobile (Samsung)-Download
Live MailDownload-
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User Guide are in Acrobat PDF format

Webmail FAQ

Click the tab below to see the details

If you are our email clients (not suitable for Office 365 / Exchange online applicants), you should have your webmail account hosted at our server. The webmail URL generally is

Our customer services department has sent your email account details. After you login your webmail, you can change your preferred password.

   Steps: Webmail toolbar -> Options -> Change Password

If you are on leave or out of office and want to setup a auto reply message to your email sender, you can setup this at webmail. 

Step 1: Webmail Toolbar -> Options -> Autoresponder
Step 2: Input your auto reply message and reply subject
Step 3: Click "Enable autoresponer"

When you are back to office, you can disable it by clicking "disable autoreponser" at the same page location.

Our spam email filter is using score system to define a email as spam or not. You can define your own white/black lists and customize your spam scoring rules.

Step 1: Webmail Toolbar -> Options -> SpamAssassin Configuration
Step 2: Under Message Scoring Policy -> Define Custom Policy
Define two number "Tag Level" and "Quarantine Level"

Tag Level is the numerical score required to identify a message as being spam. This will cause *SPAM* to be added to the subject line and the X-Spam-Flag header to be set to YES.

The Quarantine Level is the numerical score required to prevent delivery of a message at the server. This level should be higher or equal to Tag Level and high enough to avoid catching legitimate email. As your custom whitelist grows you should adjust these two levels to tag and block more spam. 

In some case, your email are filterred out from your Inbox as the score of email is higher than your quarantine level. If you did not receive email, you can login your webmail and check the spam email list under webmail toolbar -> [Quarantine]

If you find the email under [Quarantine], you can release the email back to your Inbox. 
Step 1: Tick the email subject under [Quarantine]
Step 2: Select the action -> "Release" or "Release + Add to Whitelist".
Release: Release the email in once time
Release + Add to Whitelist: Release the email and prevent the email dropping in to Quarantine in future.

How to find out the score of a email?
Step 1: Under webmail Inbox, you can view any one email content.
Step 2: For each email, you can see "Subject", "From", "To", "Priority" and "Options"
Step 3: Under "Options" of this email, you can click on the link "View Full Header"
Step 4: You can see the email score parameter "X-Spam-Score"

You can add a email signature for email reply under webmail. 

Step 1: Webmail Toolbar -> Options -> Personal Information
Step 2: Under "Signature" Textbox, you can type in your signature and click "Submit" buttons

If you prefer to change your default language for your webmail, you can change it as below:

Step 1: Webmail Toolbar -> Options -> Display Preferences
Step 2: Under combo box "Language" , you can change your preferred language

Download and Setup FTP Connection

Download Filezilla Client

Filezilla Client is open source FTP software that allows you to create a FTP connection to your Web/Ftp account.

Go to and click "Download FileZilla Client" to your computer desktop

Install FileZilla Client

1. Double click the downloaded program and Run it
2. Click "I Agree"
3. Select "anyone who uses this computer (all users)
4. Choose Components and click Next
5. Choose Install Location (Default) and click Next
6. Choose Start Menu Folder Name (Default) and click Install
7. Finish installation

FTP Site Setup

After installation, you can run your FileZilla software and setup your FTP site.

1. Webnix will provide FTP site name, login name and password for your account

2. Please input your account information as below:
a. Host: Your FTP site name (e.g.
b. Username: Input your ftp site user name
c. Password: Input your ftp site password
d. Default Port: 21
e. Click Quickconnect

If you fail to connect, you can use FileZilla site manager to setup. That is better than quick connect method with more advanced setting features.

File Tranfser

After a successful connection attempt, you can upload or download your files by double clicking on the main navigation windows. 

Linux Platform: 
Your web site is hosted under "Public_html" folder.

Windows Platform:
You web site is hosted under default root folder

Payment Method

Currently, we support the following payment methods: 

By Mail

Mail a crossed cheque payable to "Webnix Technology Limited" with the lower portion of the billing statement to Room 802, Koon Fook Centre, No. 9 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

支票須劃線﹐並抬頭「Webnix Technology Limited」 或 「網訊科技有限公司」, 請沿虛線撕下便條 ,並連同支票郵寄至
「香港九龍尖沙咀諾士佛台九號冠福中心 802室」

Bank Transfer

You may pay by bank transfer to the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) a/c# 593-300858-838.
Fax bank receipt to us at Fax: (852) 2729-7751 or Take a receipt phone and email us.

將款項直接存入香港上海匯豐銀行 (HSBC) 戶口編號# 593-300858-838 , 存款後需把銀行 收據傳真到 (852) 2729-7751 或 影下收據相電郵至本公司

FPS 轉數快

Transfer payment to our HSBC account though FPS (Email Account: by using your mobile bank apps and email us the payment details.

 將款項由客戶銀行手機 Apps 直接經「轉數快」, 存入本公司HSBC 戶口 (收款戶口請用電郵地址: ,存款後請電郵通知本公司

Reference Site: Hong Kong Monetary Authority - Faster Payment System


Transfer the payment by using HSBC PayMe mobile apps. You can contact our billing department at to get the QR Code for payment transfer.

將款項由HSBC PayMe 客戶銀行手機 Apps 直接存入本公司HSBC戶口 ,客戶請先電郵地址致 取得 QR Code ,存款後請電郵通知本公司

Reference Site: HSBC PayMe

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