Offsite Backup Solution

An offsite backup is a backup process or facility that stores backup data or applications external to the organization or core IT environment.

Reason for offsite backup

Offsite backups are primarily used for your data backup and disaster recovery measures. In case the data of primary site is damaged or destroyed. You can have a second data backup for recovery. 

Backup Solutions

Webnix understand most of companies facing different data backup issues and questions, we offer a list of different type offsite data backup solution to meet your office infrastructure. 

Acronis Cloud Backup 

Acronis is the award-winning leader in private and public cloud backup solution. No mater your company use a physical or virtual server, your system and data can backup to Acronis cloud server.  

NAS to NAS/Cloud Backup

If your company is using NAS, or network attached storage, as a file server, you can backup to remote NAS at our data center or public cloud. We can provide such installation services and NAS  to your need.

Microsoft Azure Backup

Azure Backup is the Azure-based service you can use to back up and restore your data in the Microsoft cloud. Azure Backup can backup files, folders on physical or virtual windows OS, application-aware snapshot (VSS).  Azure backup can protect anything from your Sharepoint, Exchange and SQL servers. The data are stored remotely and is available anytime you need to access it or restore the servers.

Teamviewer Backup

Teamviewer Backup (or ITbrain Backup) is a simple, hassle-free and reliable endpoint data protection. It can backup or restore your file-based data for your client desktops. Teamviewer backup builds on the reliable Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, that provides you with highest security standards. 

Office 365 Backup

Since many users are using Office 365 as a common cloud platform to store email and company documents. But, Office 365 only provides a short period of backup services that is not enough for most customer need. Acronis office 365 backup suite is one of solution that can help you to backup your office 365 data for quick recovery. It includes Backup Office 365 Exchange Online, Backup Office 365 OneDrive for Business, and Backup Office 365 SharePoint Online. 

Synology Active Backup Suites

With Synology NAS active backup suite, your backup can be easily managed. It covers PC, servers, virtual machine, Google accounts and office 365 backup tools. Active Backup can centralizes backup tasks for Windows, Office 365, VMWare virtual machine, and G Suite to Synology NAS - and lets you manage from one simple console.

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