OFFICE IT Relocation

To take care of entire process for your data, server and system in safe conditions during office relocation

Over 20 years experiences in IT relocation, Webnix understand our customer the need to ensure your business that everything goes smoothly during office relocation.  Our IT relocation services are designed to minimize your business impact and downtime during the move, execute the entire physical move of the office IT operations.

Our IT Relocation Services

Planning & Design

- Design and layout new server room
- Network cabling and WIFI Access Point location design
- Relocation pre-move consulting
- Advise on all the area including broadband, phone lines, printers and power supply
- ISP selection & transition


- Order new equipment and reconfigure routers/firewall, network switch, public IP address, DNS, etc.
- Data Backup before relocation
- Coordinate the physical move
- Identify and label all the equipment, hardware/software parts
- Unplug all the computers, cables, and pack the servers, computers and related items


- Make sure all the assigned PCs, servers, network equipment can get through internet
- Assign new passwords if necessary
- Reassembly for all servers, computers, and network equipment.
- Recycling and disposal of IT equipment [Computer Removal Services]

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