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Webnix offer a list of office application software and hardware equipment.

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Hardware Server/Desktop Computer

ThinkSystemTower/Rack Server
SAN Storage
Blade Server
Lenovo ThinkPad
Lenovo IdeaPad
Lenovo ThinkCentre
Lenovo Workstation

PowerEdge Tower/Rack Servers
Vostro Laptops
Dell Precision Workstation
Latitude Laptops

HP Proliant  server
HP Elite Laptops
ZBook Laptops
HP ZWorkstation

Desktop & Laptops
Display & Motherboard
Graphic Cards
Wireless Routers
Mesh Wifi System

Samsung Notebook 9 Always
Samsung Notebook 9 Pro
Samsung Notebook 5
Samsung SSD Harddisk

Acer Aspire

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Networking Equipment

Webnix offer the following brand of network equipments including firewall,  managed network switch, IP cam and  WIFI Router.

LED Monitor


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