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Updated: Mar, 2019

Policy for  domain name registration
With effective from 1 June 2001, HKDNR will replace JUCC to administer Hong Kong Network Information Centre ("HKNIC"). It will assume the responsibility of registration and assignment of Internet domain names ending with,,, and

HKDNR launch new .hk policies on 1 June, 2001
1. All registrants who registered a domain name(s), need to re-register the domain name again. The purpose of re-registration is to verify/update the existing registration information, obtain additional information required for the new registration system, to clear up non-active domain names and to get the consent of the registrants to enter into the new contract. Registrants who initially registered before February 19, 2001 have right to keep the old contract, or accept the new contract during re-registration.

2. All current .hk domain name holders registered before June 1, 2001 under the condition at point 1. need to re-register on or before 31st October, 2001.

3. Different between past contract and new contract:
Past Contract:
a. one organization can register only one .hk domain name.
b. domain name is not transferable
c. no annual renewal fee
d. the update of name servers information is not free
e. application or modification is via email method

New Contract:
a. domain name holders can apply for multiple domain names; no upper limit
b. domain names are transferable if two parties mutually consent
c. annual renewal fee is charged and new charging scheme
d. the update of partial information is free
e. application or modification is more convenient
f. Free Web-based Information Modification: You can change the Administrative Contact, Technical Contact or Billing Contact Information online.
g. Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy

4. Re-registration Procedure:
a. The re-registration will start on May 14, 2001. Domain owner will receive a email notification for re-registration.
b. You have to prove your company's identity by submitting the Updated Certificate of Business Registration during re-registration.
c. You need a password to process re-registration. The password is obtained from HKDNR. (The password for your existing domain name was emailed to your Administrative Contact in mid-May, 2001. If you have not received the said password, please contact our support team)
d. For every re-registration, an email will be sent to the Administrative Contact person after approval within 7 working days.

5. If registrants do not re-register on or before 31st October, 2001, their existing domain names will be terminated after certain notification period.

6. Registration must be renewed annually and the registrant has the responsibility to keep supplied information (e.g. contact addresses) up to date.   

Policies for New Applicants (
Those wishing to register new domain names on or after 1 June 2001 must abide by the new policies set by the HKDNR, the highlights of which are as follows:  

  • To qualify for registration, an applicant must be one of the following legal entities in Hong Kong: a commercial entity (for, a non-profitable organization (, an entity managing network infrastructure and services (, a bureau or department of HKSAR Government (, or educational institution (
  • To prove its physical presence in Hong Kong, the applicant must supply such documentary evidence. For example, in the case of a commercial entity, a copy of the Business Registration Certificate should be submitted with the application. The applicant should have an intended Internet presence as well; information about name servers must also be supplied.
  • Registration must be renewed annually and the registrant has the responsibility to keep supplied information (e.g. contact addresses) up to date
  •  The same entity can register for more than one domain name, and domain names can be transferred from one entity to another entity of the same type, provided that the recipient can show also a valid presence in Hong Kong.  
  • HKDNR will register domain names on a first-come, first-served basis (except during the sunrise period on 1-8 June 2001). If two parties claim rights to the same domain name, such dispute can be resolved through the arbitration process of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). HKDNR will respect and follow the judgment of the HKIAC in such disputes. 

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